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Flight Centre

This page contains documents relating to Supreme Court of Victoria Proceeding No 2097/03 between Ansett and three groups of agents in the Flight Centre Group - Flight Centre Limited, ITG Pty Ltd and Frequent Flyers Pty Ltd. Ansett commenced this proceeding in the Supreme Court of Victoria on 4 December 2003 seeking to recover the sum of $4,062,560.89 in total, which Ansett claims is owed by the three groups of agents.

Pursuant to a Court ordered mediation on 11 March 2005, Ansett and the Flight Centre agents agreed to settle the proceedings. The terms of the settlement are confidential subject to the Deed Administrators' ability to report to the Committee of Creditors of Ansett. The Deed Administrators are pleased with the terms of the Flight Centre settlement and are now considering how to most efficiently recover any outstanding monies held by various BSP travel agents on behalf of Ansett.


Supreme Court of Victoria: 2097 of 2003
4 December 2003

Writ and Statement of Claim, dated 4 December 2003

Defence and Counterclaim, dated 4 March 2004

Reply and Defence to Counterclaim, dated 26 March 2004


Orders, dated 6 February 2004

Orders, dated 13 February 2004

Orders, dated 7 May 2004

Orders, dated 30 July 2004

Orders, dated 1 October 2004

Orders, dated 5 November 2004


Notice of Discontinuance, dated 8 April 2005


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